Thursday, 17 September 2015

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Project Information

Drains and Dragons

This is a project which started at Govhack 2015 in Tasmania.  This project used GIS data which was released by the Hobart and Glenorchy city councils, and used to gamify public furniture.  By turning the data sets into a game it is hoped that we would encourage people to get out and about to view the items in the data sets.  Whether this be public art, or drains features.      

This project won awards in the following areas:
  • Best use of Hobart City Council Data
  • Best use of Glenorchy City Council Data
Drains & Dragons

Team Name: 

Drains and Dragons


A mobile augmented reality game using local government datasets to create a simple 'Dungeons and Dragons' hack and slash fest.  This is about raising awareness of bins as public assets.
Game Play
Connect to the game on your mobile device. As you walk around your area you will notice 'points of interest' appear on the map. Clicking on one of these will reveal the monster lurking at that point. What you do then is up to you (Fight, Flee or Find out more)


We've built this game using meteor, a full stack javascript development project that uses node, mongodb, leaflet.js and the blaze UI. None of us knew anything about it before this week, so I wouldn't be looking here for any examples of clever code :-)
If you fork or download the code you'll need to feed your server side database. The easiest way is to use the mongorestore function (the dump is in the data/mongodb-backup directory).
Data Sets
To achieve this we have used Glenorchy City Council and Hobart City Council datasets relating to the locations of public assets.  These public assets form the basis for monsters which interact with players.

Demo/Homepage URL: 

Homepage - Its best to view this from your mobile phone.

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Code Repository: 

Datasets Used: 

Hobart City Council -
  • Significant Trees Register,
  • Hobart Playgrounds,
  • Litterbins,
  • Urban Art,
  • Public Toilets,
  • Parks areas, 
 Glenorchy City Council -
  • Barbeques,
  • Storm water pits,
  • Public Art